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Why Starbucks is Leading the Way for Mobile Marketing Tactics


Starbucks is easily one of the most popular brands in the U.S., and the company also happens to be an SMS marketing leader. One of the first companies to wholeheartedly embrace mobile applications, Starbucks went on to develop several highly-effective SMS marketing campaigns. 

Check out three lessons to learn from the coffee giant: 

SMS Increases Brand Loyalty

SMS is an excellent way to increase brand loyalty. Connecting SMS marketing with mobile apps, exclusive deals, and loyalty memberships provides customers with more reasons to choose your brand...and stick with it. 

Starbucks’ SMS marketing effort resulted in a 75% increase in mobile sales over the last year. The company also discovered two times as many customers were utilizing their mobile app payment option--10 million people, to be exact. The campaign resulted in customers being that much more integrated with the brand, and therefore more likely to return. 


SMS is the Perfect Social Media Partner 

Superb social media integration is another reason Starbucks’ SMS campaigns are successful, as the company uses its online presence to drive SMS traffic, and vice versa. For example, many opt-in forms posted by Starbucks featured promises of gifts, coupons, and other discounts, while social media posts included funny images, such as those of dogs on the beach with their coffee. Such relevant, humorous content demanded attention.  

Starbucks also used social media to send messages relevant to their summer campaign, which were shared, commented on, and favorited. Tight, relevant marketing messages were yet another way the company engaged customers enough to have an effect on mobile sales and app signups. 


SMS Helps Brands Remain Relevant 

Staying relevant is one of the hardest challenges, as marketing campaigns are often outdated before they even launch. SMS is instant, and Starbucks took advantage of this by creating an iced coffee campaign for summer. This included coupons, “happy hours,” and other discounts throughout the summer. Starbucks also infused the campaign with humorous touches, such as pictures of kitties in space. 

Starbucks’ 12 Days of Christmas promotion was another success, and included offering a different gift for sale each week, such as refillable coffee mugs for use throughout January. This ability to drive the brand as a Christmas gift source and then provide incentives to gift recipients the following month went very, very well.

Learn from Starbucks’ mobile marketing campaigns and implement similar strategies into your own marketing projects. 



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