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5 Summer Mobile Marketing Ideas


Summer is a unique opportunity and creative challenge for marketers. While there’s a tremendous amount of competition during these warmer months, summer is also a great time to explore new campaign methods, experiment with marketing and reach new clients. 

In particular, text marketing is the tool of choice for savvy summer marketers for two reasons: it’s fast and effective delivery speed builds greater brand awareness; and it’s been proven to convert interest into purchases over short periods of time.  Here is a list creative summer tips to help implement text marketing into your summer repertoire. 


Creative Themes 

Summer is a great time to distinguish a campaign using iconography, images and messaging that speaks specifically to the time of year. Compliment what people are talking about or already doing by delivering marketing that speaks directly to those ideas and actions. Use a strong summer theme to offer discounts on appropriate products or services that will benefit customers most. 


Create Urgency  

Create more demand for products or services in the summer by offering limited time discounts. Stress the savings your customers will achieve if they purchase during this time; make it apparent that summer deals are the best time of year to get the products they want at the best price. 


Strategic Partnerships 

Partnering up with another brand for a packaged deal/bargain is a great way to help customers stretch their buck, as well as push more exclusive offers during the summer. In addition to benefiting from another brand’s existing public awareness, you can also create more urgency around a packaged deal by limiting the amount of time it’s available. 


Very Important People 

Summer is a great time to thank loyal customers. By offering segments of your customers special rates, discounts or VIP packages, you can effectively improve your relationship with customers all year long—reminding all customers that summer is a time to be rewarded for purchasing products or services throughout the year. 


Family Value 

With the kids out of school for the summer, it’s a great time to be a kid and often a challenge for adults. Reach new markets and people by branching out specifically to families. Offer special packages, deals or discounts to create summer solutions for families on a budget. 

Targeting people with the right message is the most important technique when implementing one or several of these summer campaign tactics. Summer isn’t the only time to use these methods, but it’s a great time to try if you’ve never done so before. 



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