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Cracking the Conference Circuit with Group Texts



If you attend or put on conferences, for your benefit or as part of your job duties, you’ll probably notice a lot more conference activities taking place via text message these days. Text messaging technology is becoming a go-to way for conference organizers and even conference speakers to communicate with employees, vendors, and attendees. Those who depend on conferences to earn their living, and to receive valuable knowledge, are quickly learning that group texting is an efficient way to share information with a large amount of people and share that information all at once, if need be.


Group Texts to Coordinate Conferences

Have you been in charge of running a conference, or have you been an attendee at a conference, and run into a situation where there was a last-minute room change, equipment failure, or other emergency that many people needed to know about right away? Group texting can be an easy way to notify anyone who needs to know about a conference change of the new details in an quick and efficient manner. 

To make group texting work for conference attendee notifications, it’s imperative that conference organizers have partners’ phone numbers, and that they ask anyone who’s attending a conference to provide a phone number. If you’re faced with a situation where your keynote speaker has come down with a bad flu the day of the conference, you can even use group texting services to mass text your contacts and quickly find a replacement.


Group Texting and Conference Speakers

Conference speakers use group texting to build their marketing lists on the spot, while they’re on stage in some instances. Some of the best speakers bound onto the conference floor, get their audience fired up and energized in the way they do best, and then ask attendees to pull out their cell phones on the spot to text for a free gift or get added to a list for immediate after-conference bonus material.

Why use text as a means of communication, and why during the middle of the conference? Speakers know that email open rates run at less than 25 percent, so they realize that 75 percent of an audience might not get a speaker’s valuable information, or reach back to connect if email addresses are relied upon as a means to follow-up communication. These speakers have probably also read that text messages are opened at a rate of more than 90 percent, which means there’s a much greater chance of making a connection with a potential client or customer after the conference, if text messaging is chosen as a method of communication.


People Are Hungry for Information

The masses are hungry for information, whether for professional or personal gain. However, they want this information immediately, which is why group texting services can provide numerous benefits over email, written, or verbal communication on the conference circuit. Group texts can help solve advertising and even logistics challenges, and they can build relationships and marketing lists. They can make lives easier and simpler in an age when most people depend on their smartphones for nearly everything.

Need to distribute critical notes, links to conference material, or live recordings of conference events? Consider using mass group texting. Including a live Q&A session in your conference or sending out follow-up surveys? Group texting can come through for you in these instances and many others.



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