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5 SMS Marketing Tips for Veterinarians




Helping animals in your community means making as many pet owners in your area as possible know about the services you provide. SMS marketing is one of the most versatile and cost-effective tools that businesses can use to reach out to communities.

Text message marketing makes it easy to get the message out to prospective patients, as well as providing a great way to communicate with your current clients.

Here are five ways SMS marketing for veterinarians can help your practice grow. 

Add a text call to action – and Increase the power of existing advertising

With people carrying phones in their pockets 24/7, by including a keyword and short code to your advertising, potential customers have an easy and instant way to get in touch with you to learn more as soon as they see your ads. Texting has been found to be a more powerful call to action than providing an email, web address or voice call contact.


Appointment Reminders

One of the most useful ways SMS marketing for veterinarians can enhance efficiency and reduce costs is through appointment reminders. A simple way to improve your customer communication, useful appointment reminders reduce the number of missed appointments. With a 98% final read rate, your reminders are always likely to be seen, and they give your patients that chance to let you know of any possible scheduling conflicts, so you can manage your appointment scheduling better.


Promotions and tips

Text messaging is also a great way to let your subscribers know about any new products or services you have to offer. Whatever you’re adding to your practice, from pet food to grooming services, you can encourage more footfall and an interest in the wider range of services that you provide. Sending out tailored pet care tips also helps you build a relationship with your patients, adding a personal touch, and ensuring they have all the info they need to care for their pets properly. 



Vet’s bills can be expensive. It’s one of the reasons pet owners can put off those routine check-ups or vaccinations, saving trips to the vet for emergencies only. But offering special rates to text subscribers can motivate them to come in and see you.

Whether you’d like to offer exclusive discounts to first-time or existing patients, text message marketing allows you to get in touch with those who could benefit and let them know about your latest offers.


Patient Questions

The beauty of SMS marketing is that it isn’t just a one-way street. You can get in touch with patients, but they can get in touch with you too. Allowing pet owners to get in touch with you via text with their pet care queries is a valuable service that patients really appreciate, and helps to build trust and loyalty with your practice. Cheaper than manning the phones all day, all questions can be sent to a dedicated number to be reviewed by yourself or other staff members. You can then provide advice or ask the client to come in to see you in person if necessary.