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4 Ways Mobile Technology Can Increase Productivity



Apps aren’t just here to help us shop, find the quickest route home - or catch Pokemon. Businesses are waking up to the very real benefits that apps can bring to their workforce too; a recent UK study revealed that providing mobile apps to workers can boost their productivity by 34%.

Mobile technology is now boosting productivity in a range of ways, including via app use. Here are three ways you can utilize the latest mobile tech to rev up your own business productivity right now.

Mobile Marketing Boost

Mobile tech gives today’s customers round the clock access to their favorite brands and services. Major brands have grasped the importance and added value of marketing to consumers on the move, reaching out in innovative ways via SMS text messaging, QR codes, mobile apps, banner ads, mobile websites and more.

As smartphone capabilities grow, these campaigns become ever more inventive, attention-grabbing and interactive. With software now able to ‘read’ the websites and products that people are viewing and searching for on their mobiles and tablets, these campaigns can also be more easily customized to target specific audiences, wherever they are in the world.

Say Hello to The Cloud

The Cloud enables companies to store applications and data on a remote server. Authorized employees are then free to view, share and edit this info instantly, wherever they’re at, via their mobile devices. Virtual meetings, file sharing, banking - it can all fit in every employee’s pocket. Even when staff are on leave, on vacation or commuting, it’s fast and easy for them to access the data they need to work anywhere.


Stay in Touch

Communication is crucial to the business success, whatever the size of the organization. The easier it is for employees and departments to collaborate and communicate the better. By integrating mobile devices, like tablets, smartphones and laptops, it becomes faster and for staff, vendors and consumers to connect with businesses.

Customers appreciate fast service, and mobile tech delivers the real-time communication that really satisfies. Profits and customer feedback benefit when businesses are able to respond to consumers quickly, with a greater range of products and services, improve turnaround time and offer 24-7 access to product information.

And staff reap the rewards too. Mobile technology means the lines of communication within a business never need to close. So whether it’s interacting on a project with colleagues while you’re out of the office, or attending a virtual meeting when you’re out of the country, you’re always there to help the ship sail smoothly.

Cost Savings

Mobile tech gives staff access to the equipment, data, software, training materials and company info they need, wherever they are, without the need for added costs for accommodation, instructors, rented office space and more. With no need to physically ship or equip people with printers, fax machines, servers and desktops, there’s serious cost advantages to the mobile way of working too.

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