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5 Reasons to Use Bulk Texting



Whenever you embark on a new marketing strategy there are some doubts - how effective will this really be? Will it provide return on investment? It’s why it’s vital that businesses of all sizes take steps to measure the effectiveness of every marketing campaign. Statistical analysis lets us identify when a campaign is working, when it isn’t, and which elements might just need some fine tuning.

The statistics for bulk texting campaigns speak for themselves. In terms of efficacy and return on investment, this relatively new marketing channel is proving itself time and again.

Here are 5 reasons why this marketing tool’s popularity is growing, and fast.

    1. Rapid Response

Bulk texting boasts a rapid response time. Because people always have their phones handy, they tend to respond and take action more immediately when contact is made by phone. Whether you’re having a flash sale or looking to attract more diners to your restaurant on a quiet weekday, SMS is the quickest way to get the word out and increase footfall.

  • Most people open an SMS message within a few minutes
  • The average American responds to a text in 90 seconds
  • Email response takes an average of 90 minutes

    2.Superior Open Rate

    Compared to email and social media, the open and read rates for texts are much higher.


  • SMS has a 98 percent open rate
  • Email marketing has a 22 percent open rate


Social media has a relatively low rate too. This puts SMS marketing firmly at the top of the marketing food chain.


  1. Increased Conversion

    When people receive an SMS marketing message they’re not just more likely to read it, they’re also more likely to convert.


  • Texting has eight times the response rate of email
  • SMS has has a much higher conversion rate - around 32 percent of users take
  • Bulk texting outperforms email and social media marketing for conversion rates, click through rates and redemption rates


  1. It’s How Customers Want to Hear From You


Bulk texting gives you an easy way to give more of your customers what they want.

The majority of consumers actually want businesses to contact them more via text. It’s convenient for them and for you and allows them to access offers more quickly.


  • 70 percent of consumers thing SMS marketing is a good way for businesses to engage with them
  • 64 percent of consumers think they should receive more texts from businesses


  1. You Won’t End Up in A Spam Folder


People are overloaded with spam emails and use spam filters to try to try and avoid having to see them. The result is that it’s easy for your marketing emails to end up in a spam folder. But:


  • Only one percent of texts are considered spam

Customers might associate email with spam, but they don’t associate SMS with spam. It means people are happier to receive texts, and value them more than email.