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Making a Drip Campaign Work for You



A well-timed text marketing drip campaign can help you engage with your audience and keep them interested in what’s going on with your business.

Drip campaigns are a great way to reach more customers ahead of a special event or sale, and are a great alternative to traditional limited time offer campaigns.

Want to get to know more about drip campaigns and they can work for you? Here’s all you need to know about this more engaging form of text marketing.


How Does A Drip Campaign Work?


A drip campaign means sending multiple messages to customers or subscribers over a period of time.

The timing of these messages is crucial in order to have the most impact and the achieve the best possible response from subscribers. Typically, a business:


  • Creates a keyword in the early stages of the campaign and customers opt-in to a group that's based on this keyword
  • Then sends related text messages to this target group for the duration of the campaign
  • Will use a drip campaign in the lead up to an event, sale or launch to keep interested customers up to date and to ramp up the excitement too


Why Use A Drip Campaign?

The primary reason that major brands choose drip text marketing is to make more of an impact on customers. With the latest figures revealing that mobile subscribers between that ages of 25 and 34 receive over 1,000 texts a month, it’s all too easy for one-off marketing messages to get lost in the crowd. Drip text marketing helps prevent your message getting lost in your customer’s inbox by sending multiple messages that act as reminders to your subscribers, who are therefore more likely to notice and remember your offer, sale or event.


How Do I Start A Drip Campaign?

As with most forms of text marketing, the drip technique is really simple to implement.

Make it specific - don’t mistake a drip campaign for general news and updates. A drip campaign should have a very specific goal, like alerting subscribers to an upcoming sale, event or one-off offer. You’re seeking to ramp up the anticipation of the event or offer, while also reminding recipients about it.

Think about your call to action - short and direct is the way to go. Texts offer you limited characters to work with, so you want your drip campaign calls to action to be punchy. You want your audience to know exactly what the next step is as send out your messages.
Get the timing right - get your team together and decide on timing. How much lead time do you want to give your subscribers? How often do you want your messages sent to their smartphones? Whether it’s every day for the next seven days or every hour in the next 12 hours, once you’ve decided get in touch with a mobile developer so they can get you started.